ProMat 2019: An Insider’s Guide to Discovering Chicago

January 9, 2019

ProMat 2019: An Insider’s Guide to Discovering Chicago


ProMat is a time to discover the latest solutions and most innovative companies across the supply chain. The event is also based in Chicago – a city full of history, food, and architecture.  If you have time on the front or tail-end of your trip we suggest you take a moment to discover Chicago too. Below is a compilation of the best tours the city has to offer.


Cultural Tours

From Al Capone to the World’s Fair discover the people and events that shaped Chicago.

The best historical tours in Chicago


Food Tours

From deep dish pizza to Chicago dogs – Chicago is a city that knows how to eat.

Chicago’s best tours for your tastebuds 


Architecture Tours

Learn about the history, design, and engineering behind some of the most impressive buildings in the world.

10 best architecture tours in Chi-Town


Like the tip?

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We’ll be showcasing our Automated Material Handling, Hybrid Fulfillment, and Workflow Optimization solutions, along with the self-driving vehicles and technology that fuels them.

Vecna will also introduce– the worlds first AI-based orchestration engine. evaluates all available work that needs to be done, along with all available agents (diverse types of robots, human workers, or other equipment), and dynamically optimizes task allocation among them. With, Vecna embraces workflows over robots, helping organizations navigate both everyday challenges and unforeseen events by putting humans and robots in the best positions for maximum productivity.