Autonomous mobile solutions that

  • work for
  • adapt to
  • evolve with


Automated Material

Automated Material Handling works for you, creating a more efficient material workflow that exceeds customer expectations with minimal overhead. Our self-driving vehicles increase throughput by automating pick up, drop off, and transport, executing put-away, cross-docking, replenishment, and all other point-to-point deliveries. Our solutions are infrastructure free, adaptable and scalable to your operation’s evolving needs, with vehicles navigating safely around obstacles and alongside workers.


Hybrid Fulfillment is a total fulfillment solution combining the strengths of humans and collaborative robots with real-time intelligence. We automate piece pick, cart pick, and case pick operations, and deliver totes, cases, and pallets autonomously. A generation beyond person-to-goods or goods-to-person models, Hybrid Fulfillment adapts to you and customer demands by delivering the fastest, most flexible, and scalable solution for e-commerce and retail fulfillment and replenishment orders.


Workflow Optimization applies our powerful virtual world simulation and AI-based orchestration engine,, to your material workflow. coordinates robots, people, and control systems across your organization, absorbing and analyzing along the way. Together, these tools audit processes and evaluate diverse automation scenarios to determine the most suitable automation road map for your organization. Your workflow must evolve with you, delivering operational insights and a continuous cycle of improvement as the world changes.

Run Faster

  • Sustain an uninterrupted workflow
  • Increase fulfillment rates
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel

Build Endurance

  • Decrease labor costs per output
  • Adapt to demand changes without sacrificing production pace
  • Create a cycle of constant improvement

Win the Race

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Realize new revenue streams and higher profit margins
  • Outperform the competition

The Power of Learning

Our solutions are powered by a self- learning autonomy stack.

Our automated mobile robots collect and analyze data as they work, developing the most efficient workflows and seamlessly adapting to changes in the environment and levels of demand. By continuously learning our solutions get better over time, increasing their value and strengthening your investment.

What Our Customers Say

Vecna’s robots are clearly top-notch, and winning the DHL/Dell Robot challenge was an impressive accomplishment. But what truly impressed me was how great the Vecna team was to work with. We look forward to exploring ways to work together more in the future.

  • Denis Niezgoda
  • Robotics Accelerator Lead
  • DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

We sought Robotic AGV integration primarily as a means to improve customer service, but also as a way to improve the employee experience and safety. Vecna Robotics’ technology is helping us achieve these goals.

  • Mike Erskine
  • Corporate Distribution Manager
  • Milton CAT

About Us

Vecna Robotics is revolutionizing human productivity.

Just like our technology, we never stop learning. We learn from 20 years of operational experience, our industry leaders, robotics scholars, logistics experts, and new partnerships. This fuels our innovation and expands our capability to deliver real solutions that produce real value for you and your operation. We merge the best of automation and the best of humans to drive productivity, empower your workforce, earn your trust, and drive your success.  Robots and humans are better together. is our AI-based orchestration engine. It seamlessly manages all of your operational resources, including humans, robots, legacy automation, and manual equipment. ensures resilient and optimal performance by allocating tasks based on resource capabilities, availability, and location.


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